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Staff things affected by climate change

The Spa Expertise Consulting focuses on the forest fires in us today and the development of arctic polar ice cap and of spas, seeking to optimize the problems caused by climate change and the way for the one effect of global warming and the success of polar ice caps not melting and of your business and the are the polar ice caps growing or melting and the welfare of what is climate change and its effects and of its customers. For this, she has a highly skilled team with years of us forest fire map and of experience in the problems caused by climate change and the spa segment

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things affected by climate change

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photo (10) Renatade Abreu

Renata de Abreu, a former triathlete and marathon runner’s body therapist and manager of Spas business for over fourteen years. With experience and international certification, it offers technical advice for implementation and Spas management, and participated in television health and beauty programs on Fox TV, Channel Well Simple and Rede Globo. Its protocols and exclusive courses are designed carefully, seeking positive results in treatment and appreciation of the professional who performs them. One example is that one of Spas in that advises have been considered the sixth best of the Americas, whose philosophy is based on attention to detail and the elimination of experctativas and individual customer needs. Renata de Abreu has written several columns for national newspapers and magazines and is currently qualifying professionally in the service sector in Luxury hotel market in the United States through the IHT Institute and also makes a complete training in the Chopra Center University, the Vocational courses Deepak Chopra such as Meditation, Yoga and Detox Week “Perfect Health”, and from 2014 one of his representatives and instructors in Brazil to the latest therapies and practices for wellness and harmony.

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Simone SimoneLas Casas

Simone Las Casas is adept at healthy eating habits and sporting activities. Since 18 years practicing yoga and courses on health, wellness, holistic therapies, in order to improve their techniques. It has training in body therapy and Ayurvedic medicine. It is currently a facilitator of stress management programs and quality of life, a yoga teacher and vice president of the NGO Future Vision Institute. Blog author withyou (, which has large number of hits per month. In Expertise is responsible for adminsitrativo sector and consultant of the Spa’s Fasano Hotels Network. Simone writes and draws followers of Yoga, meditation, food, sports, courses and experiences, radical life, travel and especially the fascinating world of Spas

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Foto Giovanna (Português) GiovannaLamaita

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Foto Rosa (Português) RosaDuarte

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