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The Expertise

The Expertise Spa Consulting stands out as a consulting company with strategic solutions in development of Spas, from the elaboration and improvement of operational training menus until, services and sales. The team of Expertise Spa Consulting has years of experience in the market and provides a service that goes beyond the simple advice in the deployment of a Spa, ensuring customers perfect solutions to create the climate of tranquility with sophistication. Technical training follows the standards of the Leading Spas,thus ensuring maximum quality of care and service.

Currently the Expertise Spa Consulting provides consultancy services for luxury hotels in Brazil and abroad, such as the hotels Fasano, Águas do Treme and the Promenade’s hotels. Is the responsable by deployment of the first Green Spa in Brazil, to be installed in the new hotel venture of Promenade in Lagoa Santa – MG.

The project of implanting a spa hotel sum all elements identified in behavioral research of deep knowledge of customers in this segment . Unites comfort, convenience , safety , innovation , quality of life , personalization and exclusivity . Is aggregated to the enterprise expertise acquired in the world recognized that the partnership hotels Hotel & Spa has been a great success , providing a differential occupation and hence the profitability of the enterprise .

The Expertise has work programs for those who already have a company and would like to expand the business, offering services on the market of Spas, which are increasingly sought after by their consumers. In addition to the experience in the hotel industry, the company also operates in the segments of residential condominiums, aesthetics clinics, and personalized services that can be contracted in accordance with the customer’s needs.

The team of Expertise Spa Consulting account with qualified professionals who have extensive knowledge in the area of Spa’s, business management and quality of life. The three entrepreneurs partner of company: Renata de Abreu, Simone Las Casas and Fabrícia Nogueira, have know-how to provide customers with the best solutions for the enterprise.